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ASEFI's main objectives are the following:

a. To ensure respect for the principles of professional ethics in this sector.

b. To promote the adoption and adaptation of rules and legal provisions designed to encourage the development and research in the sector.

c. To represent and defend its members before the national, regional and local Administrations, and all kinds of persons, Entities, Organisations and Institutions, by means of all the pertinent actions deemed appropriate, helping in all that is requested of it, provided it is not contrary to its purpose.

d. To promote the legitimate interests of its partners through the dissemination of information on fastening elements by stamping and other data of interest related to the associated companies, in the press, radio and television, and any other means deemed appropriate.

e. To exchange information, opinions and experiences that affect its members, cooperating with other associations in matters of common interest.

f. To organise and/or cooperate in the development of courses, seminars and other training activities.

g. To act as a mediator in conflicts between companies in the sector of fastening elements by stamping.

h. To promote research and study in matters of interest for the industry.

i. To support any member that could facilitate with its activity, the accomplishment of the Association's interests.

j. To carry out studies for the promotion and development of fastening elements by stamping.

k. To comply with and enforce the obligations entered into for the achievement of its objectives.

l. Any action not included in the previous paragraphs designed to achieve its purposes and, in general, the development of those functions that may be deemed necessary or desirable for the Association or its members.